Vis-a-Vis with Visas

Dropped off my application for getting my visa. It’s crazy how an action as simple as that can make you feel heaps better almost instantly. While it wasn’t exactly an invisible stress, the hulking monkey on my back  diminished to but one small chimp as soon as I walked out the door and headed to work.

There was even a bounce to my step. (Though I attribute this also to the fact that I was wearing one of my new pairs of shoes).

So now there’s just the waiting game to play: I’ll be checking back in on Friday as per the consulate’s recommendation, and will hope with crossed and braided fingers that everything’s going smoothly and quickly. I didn’t have a properly sealed and stamped transcript which might be an issue. Also I may not have understood, but it’s possible they said my visa would only start being ready the 20th. My flight being the 24th, and the 21st and 22nd being the weekend.

We’ll see!

Hopefully come less than two weeks from now, I will come vis-a-vis with my beautiful visa <3<3

PS. Also had a wonderful geeky chat this morning about Doctor Who with a coworker who’s just gotten into the series. Definitely medicine for distraction and happiness.

PPS. Another coworker gave me a goodbye card and some notebooks and it’s once again hitting me that this is real.

PPPS. Last day with some of my best cash buddies. We looked at Korean plastic surgery before-and-after’s. Good time spent.

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