Going to Korea means leaving behind one of my favourite life hacks: the 3 Amigos birthday clause.

A bit of backstory, before I go on.

Near Concordia is a wonderful, three-level, kitschy tex-mex restaurant that, over the course of our four years studying, has become a traditional go-to after classes. This isn’t only for the cheap fajita Wednesdays (though that’s what drew us in the beginning), but also for the convenient perks for birthdays.

The first time we went, we noticed a table beside ours suddenly assaulted by a congo line of waiters carrying a sombrero and a dessert with a single candle, singing “Happy Birthday Dear Customer!!” The sombrero was thrust on the head of the birthday boy and the candle did a cheeky wink before he blew it out to the applause of the staff.

“How nice,” we agreed. “So cute.”

But over the course of our hour long meal this happened not once, not twice, but three more times. While the waiters looked increasingly no-fucks-given, we humanities students roughly estimated the probability of so many birthdays occurring in a single place in accordance to the ratio of total clientele divided by the proportionate time spent witnessing such a phenomenon, and decided that it wasn’t a phenomenon at all, but rather that we had learned the secret of this place.

The secret of the birthday life-hack enabling free dessert and hats without necessary proof that it is, indeed, your birthday.

Polaroids September 2013 4
Since then, we’ve taken turns having birthdays two to three times a year each, accumulating sombreros and sharing free flan.

Tonight was our last night of this tradition, likely for a while, and I’m definitely going to miss it. At least we have some polaroids for posterity!

Polaroids September 2013 5

In other news, I got my hair touched up and it’s currently an embarrassing shade of fresh-dried chick-out-of-eggshell white-yellow, so I’m going to embark on a DIY hair adventure. No idea how this will turn out, but there may be a future post about it.

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