Ex-Indigo Girl

What was supposed to be my last day at Indigo ended with a shift cancellation due to overstaffing and too much rain. So I’m officially in between jobs, one foot on either edge of the leisure time chasm.

Spent the day at Indigo anyway getting my stuff, and ended up having a great day  living my favourite things through one last time: eating lunch and chatting with my coworkers.

I’ll miss you bookstore, and your memories (such as dressing up for Halloween as literary characters) –

paper bag princess

– but I’m going to miss the people most, and all our inappropriate conversations that we had at the cash forgetting customers can hear us.

And speaking of other people to miss, said goodbye to college friend and banjo player F. today. Sat looking up McGill College Ave. eating ice cream and singing Bon Iver and Beatles songs.

When the goodbyes start piling up, things seem a lot more melancholy.

On a brighter side, I went to TifClip on Bleury today and was told I was overdramatizing the yellow in my hair, and all I really needed was some blue shampoo. Girl was so sweet and cut me a bargain too since I also stocked up on hairspray, tinting bowl and gloves, bobby pins, and hair rollers for my pinup do at my stepsister’s wedding tomorrow. (And this post ended on a girly note…but this will be compensated for with total geekery comic con photos in a couple of days)

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