Goodbyes and Samwise Gamgee

Nothing like a couple of days booked just to say goodbye! I’ll avoid the emotional aspect of it since I’ve already had a series of increasingly sentimental posts, but logistically speaking it’s like playing tetris with your schedule. I’m somewhat proud with how well I time managed, since time management isn’t a skill that’s been terrifically high on my bragging list.

Otherwise, this past weekend Andrea and I went to comic con. We’d beamed down from the S. S. Enterprise to sojourn in Middle Earth for a while when who did we meet but Sean Astin!


He’s the nicest guy and needless to say we Trekkies did the LotR roflcopter in fangirl excitement, the days of memorizing elvish and learning to play Concerning Hobbits on the flute bubbling to the surface to explode like a merry Mount Doom.

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