To-Do Lists, aka Hercules vs. Hydra

Four-days-to-go is, of course, synonymous with scrambling. This is probably because the horizon of achievement that one would anticipate to appear when crossing off the many small tasks which accumulate in the final countdown actually turns into none other than a sweaty, bloodied battlefield.


For, just as Hercules looked with despair at the three additional heads springing from the gaping neck-wound of the Hydra, three additional tasks never fail to spring to mind as the pencil slashes through each completed errand. What happens next is a lot of running around feeling like nothing has been accomplished.

What I have to do:

  • Drop off clothes at dry cleaner’s
  • Exchange too-small shoes for larger size
  • Pre-orientation course
  • Pre-orientation test
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Activate Visa card
  • Shut down phone, pay bill, settle tab
  • Shop from Arrival Store
  • Finish the banner for our blog (yay!)
  • Pick up shoes from cobbler
  • Get reimbursed for being overcharged at Bota Bota
  • Pack
  • Do a last run to the pharmacy to buy pharmaceuticals
  • Sort through and print photos to bring with me
  • Back up computer
  • Lots of other things that I thought of just writing up that list

What I actually accomplished doing:

  • Dropped off clothes late at dry cleaner’s, begging them to get it done by the end of the day
  • Bargained with cashier to exchange too-small shoes for larger size without receipt (lost in pre-departure hurricane)
  • Bought socks. A lot of socks.
  • Ate chocolate
  • Stole an apple from an orchard with my mom in Beloeil

    It was only a couple of apples, honest…
  • Was given plantains by my Omi and Opa
  • Failed to pick up dry cleaning despite my desperate begging for them to get it done by the end of the day
  • Cleaned my room

Granted that last one’s actually a very impressive feat considering the artfully slobbish layers of junk I’ve had lining my floor for the past 2 months.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s even more productive!

(As a PS, I’ve fixed my hair – and all it took was a couple of scrubs with blue shampoo)

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