Steaks on a Plane – an In-Flight Food Review [preview]

I don’t remember where we read it, but someone, someplace, had written somewhere on the big ol’ web the following recommendation: when booking your flight, change your meal preference to Kosher – the food will be made specially for you, and thus is fresher and tastier than the cruddy airline food everyone else will be getting.

My recommendation: this probably works on an airline where the food actually sucks. Don’t do this if you’re flying Singapore Airlines, like we did. However, do order Kosher if you’re a hungry hungry hippo and want LOTS of food, FAST.

This was both of our first times flying Singapore Air. We’d been putting off buying our plane tickets for a long time in the hopes that our visas would come through first, but when our recruiter started hounding our inboxes, we found a good deal and jumped. And we jumped good. First leg Air Canada, second leg Singapore Air from San Francisco, for under $850! What the flip?!

So let’s do an in-flight food review of the first flight. Oh, that’s right, THERE WAS NO FOOD. Typical Air Canada behaviour. A six hour flight right over breakfast time, and not even a pack of peanuts. At least I got a cup of ginger ale.

By the time we landed in San Francisco, we were starving. Our layover was a perfect lunch-time starting at 11:30 and ending around 2:30. Sweet, we’ll have a nice big lunch before the flight! When we finally found our gate, we decided to eat at a little café for some sandwiches, since it will be a long time before we can find a good salami again.

The café had a delicious array of sandwiches lined up behind the glass counter: roast beef, egg salad, tuna, grilled chicken, salami, in big brown loaves with the lettuce and tomatoes poking out. Beside the sandwiches were a selection of scrumptious-looking pasta salads in white serving bowls. Since we were so hungry, we decided to each get a sandwich and to share a pasta salad. Only, I don’t know what the eff was wrong with the cashier. She couldn’t understand our order at all! She spoke English fluently. She was an American from what I could tell. But our order went like this:

“Hi, can we get two salami sandwiches and a pasta salad?”

“You want a sandwich and a chicken special?”

“No, sandwiches and a salad.”

“You mean the pasta special with a Caesar salad.”

“No, two salami sandwiches and a pasta salad on the side.”

“What kind of pasta?”

“The pesto.”


She rings it up, goes behind to counter and puts it all in a bag. We walk off to find somewhere to sit. Open the bag, and we have…two sandwiches and a small tub of hot Alfredo penne with sliced chicken breast. WTF?!

Ok, no biggie, we’re ridiculously hungry so we’ll just eat it anyway, right? Aww hell no! Our stomachs were all like, “You can’t fit that, that’s too big you hungry hoochie mama!” At the end of it we had half a sandwich left, which we decided to take on the plane for later consumption. This is a smart tactic when taking other, inferior airlines where there is little to no food (coughAirCanadacough). Instead, we were taking the glorious Singapore Airlines, a magical land of food and drink, dispensing from the skies!


[This is your blogger speaking. Please prepare for overly zealous ravings about Singapore Airlines all day all night it was the best airline EVER]


Ok that’s it for the preview! I’ll have to finish this in the morning. I just spent the whole day scrubbing greasy crust off the kitchen. Seriously, it’s like the guy before me dipped his hands in chicken sauce and then touched everything. EVERYTHING. Then left it to dry for a month. When I washed the floors I had to squeegee the water off and it was BLACK. Haven’t even done the bathroom yet…or the stove…or the fridge. Eughhh!! Sorry for the tease, guys. The problem with blogging after the fact is that every day you have to do something else instead is another day you have to catch up on in writing. Blargh! Also, Marta has no internet connection just yet, so the blogging will be mostly on my part for now. My next-door-neighbour and fellow teacher (from South Africa!) was kind enough to give me her wifi password 🙂

Til next time / hopefully tomorrow! So many pictures to upload it’s ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Steaks on a Plane – an In-Flight Food Review [preview]

  1. Barrel right thru Andrea. Don’t despair it gets easier the more often you do the classes. Soon you will look back with great wisdom and pride in yurself. Yah! Keep on trukin’


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