Volleyball, Sketching, and a Banner Preview

I meant to post about the Ginseng Festival today, figuring since it was a cross-school English examination day (in other words I get the day off but have to sit at my desk), but we ended up keeping really busy!

For the first while, I played Bananagrams with my co-teachers, and then after lunch we were whisked away to watch a volleyball match – our faculty vs. another local school’s faculty.

I should probably mention that I’m supposed to be playing volleyball every Wednesday with my coworkers. I’m guessing that it’s both to promote strong staff bonds as well as because of Korean keener attitude towards exercise.

Whatever the reason, I suck hardcore at volleyball.

Luckily the one week without a holiday or other priority activities on Wednesday, no one showed up after school so we played badminton instead. I love badminton, but it was to my chagrin that I was expected to play in full length jeans and a dress shirt in 30 degree humidity. So much sweat is all I will say to that.

Anyway, I wasn’t expected to play today – I’d worn a dress just in case to discourage them from getting me to participate – and instead they were quite happy to have us cheer them on from the sidelines. I must say, it was a riveting match. We won, though not by much. I’ve also never seen such ridiculously good volleyball players. So impressed. So impressed.

Afterward I was most happy to discover that the food they promised – which I expected to be some sweets and maybe the Korean equivalent of a luncheon sandwich – ended up being a full on BBQ feast.


Tables set up for us.


Didn’t get a picture of the meat for fear of looking like a tourist in front of two sets of local schools, but they must have cooked a truckload of pigs.

Also they had soju and beer. The guidebooks and websites and blogs didn’t lie when they said that Koreans like their drink. We were still on the school grounds, the kids coming up to our tables sometimes, and we were taking soju shots. Like, I’m laughing just writing that, it’s hilariously strange.

After that was well and good and I rolled away with a full belly (free dinner? Yes please), I went home and spent the evening sketching. Here are a couple I did today and finished from yesterday.



I’ve also been working on the banner for this blog – started back before we left, probably in August or maybe even earlier, but haven’t had the discipline to sit down and do it all. Anyway, maybe posting it up here and hearing you guys hound me to finish it soon might help…? (Please pester me).


3 thoughts on “Volleyball, Sketching, and a Banner Preview

  1. If they feed you every time you attend a volleyball match it might suddenly become one of your favourite sports to watch! I can’t get over the laid back attitude about drinking. You have found home…as it’s meant to be 🙂
    Your drawings are FABULOUS! Wow. You should do some around the kids or incorporate drawing words and sentences into the class for the kids to illustrate what they think certain phrases mean…IF you are allowed to wander from a set class structure.
    Post your banner as is and add onto it as time goes along. Get it up there for us to enjoy.


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