Phallic Photos aside, Why Teachers Conferences Are Great

We’ve been in Seoul this past week at our EPIK (English Program In Korea) Orientation meaning we were in class for 6-8 hours a day and working on a lesson plan presentation the rest of the day.

Lectures were the riveting topics of classroom management, how to make your English more comprehensible, and how to use powerpoint. I was not looking forward to anything except taekwondo.

Though at the time there was little time to think or reflect, now that it’s over I have to say that I had a surprisingly good time. The classes weren’t only informative but also entertaining, well structured, and extremely – yes – riveting.

It struck me after that the reason for this is that EPIK would of course get the best of the best to orient us for how to be good teachers ourselves – and of course the best of the best will be able to make the DULLEST lecture topics something you’re not only interested in listening to but inspired to try yourself.

Not to get too cliche and heartwarming, but there’s a serious post of the day.

I’ve learned a lot from the orientation and I’m really excited to go back to my kids and try and spice things up a little. I feel like I finally have some resources and a direction to walk in.

Also I really want to persuade my co-teacher to have a Halloween party with me for them!! Halloween decorations yay!

Next post will be the fun post about what we did in our free time and the marvellous people we met 🙂

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