Being Bohemian in a Seoul Cafe

On our Seoul adventure, we also spent time in a good many cafes.


On one such occasion, we happened to have an artsy session and draw each other and then pose for dramatic effect.






First by me and last two by Andrea πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Being Bohemian in a Seoul Cafe

  1. a beauty portrait of Andrea in b&w. Frame it! Did you use pastels for the drawing of Andrea. You captured her so well. She looks introspective. And the 2 of you by A. are so you in your happy place, complete with a bow in your hair. I idn’t know A. drew so well. Keep drawing and writing both of you!


  2. Bohemian!? I was just chatting with B about M being an old soul and then you both go Bohemian! How cool β€” and timely β€” is that? And great sketches of course.

    Is there a way of tagging one of your followers?


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