So My Freezer Turned Into Narnia While I Was Away

It must not have closed fully when I left. I haven’t seen ice like this since winter ’98…

My freezer


My freezer door


My rice


My dumplings


The icicles above my dumplings


My 1kg of kimchi radish (although it was gnarly anyway)


The fancy ice sculptures in the front


And they’re not small either…


My poor frigde.


Think anything’s still good with all that freezer burn?

8 thoughts on “So My Freezer Turned Into Narnia While I Was Away

  1. Yeah, its still all good and well preserved food. No worries’bout freezer burn because it hasn’t been exposed to dry cold air for long periods. As you can see there is a lotof humidity in the freezer. BUT be carefull when you defrost because is will create a lot of water. So when you defrost you’ll need towels and more towels to soak up the glacier. AND you could put some of the glacial ice in pots, and stick in compartment below to keep the bottom a bit chilled like a cooler. OF COURSE you have to shut the fridge off / unplug it before you start. I remember u do not have a dryer, so your drying rack will be quite busy. Run your towels in hot water before hanging to dry. G’ud luk !


  2. BRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, beware the White Witch of the Great Pumpkin Patch. I”ve come to devour your frozen desert treats. BRAAAAAHHHHHH . . . .


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