Adult Halloween

I was despairing for a while after Halloween finished at school that my own celebrations were pretty tame. Note: I usually go to Rocky Horror in little more than various patterns of lace. I hadn’t even carved a pumpkin this year, nor bought mini chocolate bars, nor strung cobwebs across my front door.

Worst of all, I didn’t even have a costume.

I’d gone into school in a semi-costume, having bought a big red bow and an orange sweater in Seoul. I donned them and told the kids I was Sailor Venus. Considering it’s a show from the 90’s I wasn’t expecting a lot of them to know it, but there were a fair few. As a humourous sidenote, I had pretty big bags under my eyes from staying up late preparing for the activities and my full-on cold. Visible enough with copious amounts of BB cream, the kids thought they were very clever in thinking I looked like a zombie. So I entered Sailor Venus and left Zombie Sailor Venus. Hey, I’ll take it.

Anyway I got an invite on Friday from DL (who seems to be becoming my party/event-notification-guy) who let me know there was a show going on at Soundgarden that night. One Facebook invitation later, I was attending a Halloween party put together for the local foreigners. (Apology for the photo quality, it was darker than usual).




They really went all out. Unlike back home where the bars will string a spider or two, maybe put an acetate jack-o-lantern on the window, you can tell that this is a holiday foreigners want to make special in its general absence otherwise in the rest of Korea. There were orange and black balloons bouncing around the crowd, special holiday drinks (bloodgarden), a couple of skull pinatas, and bobbing for apples.


Also everyone was in costume – the band included, one member of which had cereal boxes strapped to his body with red splatters all over his shirt. Took me a while, but aha! Cereal killer. Lol. They had prizes for best, scariest, and sexiest costumes. (A guy dressed as the killer in Scream got scariest and showed me with bemusement the girly skull bracelet he won).

As for my costume, I had to leave my Star Trek costume behind due to weight restrictions (my heart! </3), but I brought the matching yellow nightie SSG gave me as a going away present. Not having time to make anything else, I donned my line-up-the-back stockings and put the red bow back in my hair, thickened my eyeliner and pinked my lips and lo! I was a pinup Trekkie. Only have one picture of me from the evening. Drinking bloodgardens, ahh yea.


It was ridiculously loud, so we headed to two other bars. I don’t know how I had the stamina, I’d been so tired from the past two weeks. (Although I did fall asleep in the last one and only got back to my apartment at 6am again). Managed to somehow play a game of chess – and won for the first time ever!! (Maybe I need to be drinking?) Although I lost at pool later in retribution.


I think what kept me going was my pure and adrenaline love of Halloween. Every bar was decorated and it was nice to revel in it for a while, since I won’t get my Rocky on this year.

(Below, MJ’s)




Nothing beats a Montreal Halloween, but this was a pretty decent substitute.

One thought on “Adult Halloween

  1. Traditions become more important when you are far away. Just like my parents and their friends made Christmas more Austrian than the family that didn’t come to Canada. I’m so glad you had this fun Halloween!


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