Halloween at School: Grade 3

So at last I’m posting the Halloween activities I did with my classes. They don’t celebrate in Korea so I was determined to make it something exciting.

I would have liked to have decorated more in advance and had some lead up anticipation, but because of the Seoul orientation (and an oncoming cold) it was very last minute. I actually only came up with the 3/4 lesson plans at 4am the morning before and as such I don’t think they were as into  it as the 5/6’s, but hey! At least it was a break from the textbook.

I gave a powerpoint presentation all about Halloween beforehand, and then at the end of class, the English password they had to use (which is normally something they learned in the lesson to make sure everyone says at least SOMETHING in English before the end of class) was trick-or-treat! At which point they could choose a piece of candy from the pumpkin shaped bucket I picked up at the local Home Plus.

Anyway, this is grade 3. I told them to make Jack-O-Lanterns with different facial expressions and then write what their pumpkin was feeling below 🙂




4 thoughts on “Halloween at School: Grade 3

  1. This is when it’s cool to be around kids. I’m glad you are getting to do this with them. Just think of your birthday party challenges if you need ideas…adapt some of the more popular ones we did and your students will always be excited about coming to class. They love challenges and being given opportunities to explore their abilities. Quick quiz of illustrating 5 words to show they understand what they mean…creating their OWN visual dictionaries this way, as another direction.


  2. WOW this is so reminds me of William Latter S. the results appear to have had meaning to them with the expressions both artwise and writing. I wonder if using texting abbreviations (e.g. lol, etc-the tame ones of course) could be slipped in as a quickie quiz from time to time to fill in the 1/4 you are desperate to include or create a texting dictionary with those E-speak


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