Halloween at School: Grade 4

These are from my grade 4 classes. Their activity was to draw themselves in costume and then write one of the new vocabulary words (ex. ghost, vampire, werewolf, jack-o-lantern) underneath with their name.


Some turned out really good/cute and others turned out really bloody (lol). The latter of which didn’t make it onto the classroom wall. But here they are in their glory and splendour!

This is the first one I drew as an example, the rest are the kids.








(I can’t be certain, but I think that might be his chosen English name…)

IMG196 IMG197 IMG198 IMG199 IMG200 IMG201 IMG202 IMG203

(Note the one on the above right. It did not make it on our friendly display wall.)

IMG204 IMG205

(Nor did the one on the above left.)

IMG206 IMG207 IMG208 IMG209 IMG210 IMG211 IMG212 IMG214

(Nor the one on the above right…)

IMG215 IMG216 IMG217 IMG218 IMG219 IMG220 IMG221 IMG222 IMG223 IMG224 IMG213IMG225

4 thoughts on “Halloween at School: Grade 4

  1. Some invented their own words…some forgot about words…some like you so much they imitated you…but all in all I think they had a grand time. I like when you see they erased a different character and went with something else…shows their thought process 🙂


  2. so many of these made me laugh . . . soo amusing and creative, imaginative and spooky, but not one said BOOO ! anywhere. so why are there adjoing rooms with an arched doorway I wonder.


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