Cutest Thing I’ve Heard at School Yet

One of the boys in my grade six class came to my coteacher while I was walking with her. He’s one of the sweeter boys with pudgy cheeks who’s always smiling, but he was looking particularly distressed at this moment. For a frantic few seconds he complained loudly to her in Korean pointing in the direction of a bunch of girls – one of whom he hangs out with very often – sauntering away into the distance.

My coteacher gave him the verbal equivalent of a pat on the head and he left, still upset.

As we walked back to our office, she chuckled to herself and said, “He’s complaining because a girl is teasing him.”

“Oh – what did you tell him?”

She just chuckled again. “I said he just had to deal with it. But I wish I could tell every kid who complains to me about getting teased like this that it’s just because the other one has a crush.”

I resisted the urge to giggle. But I thought I knew exactly the girl in question, the one who sits beside him in class, who always makes him smile and vice versa. They always get up to mild classroom shenanigans together, such as trying to trick me into spilling my coteacher’s first name.

Ah, young love ^ ^


5 thoughts on “Cutest Thing I’ve Heard at School Yet

  1. Nice story. With the pudgy cheeks I guess he does well in school…I figure with candy prizes all the good students will be pudgy and have big dental bills.
    What does that beautifully lettered word mean (in the photo that I like so much at the end)?


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