For Science: Chicken Salad Pizza




Don’t know what I was expecting, but it didn’t taste like either salad or pizza.

13 thoughts on “For Science: Chicken Salad Pizza

  1. Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing a “Like” button on the blog.

    AND I wanted to say that I previously signed up for WordPress and it offered to fill in my info so I let it. forlong1 = me, Tom Lavoie. Thought you should know. (Yes, based on Forlong the Fat from the LOTR.)

    Hi bcp457!


      1. No! No! No! Don’t do this to me! The super quick answer is no. The upset part is that I’ve been working on a followup book to LOTR for 25 years and have read LOTR 50 times or so and no reference to it should sneak by me. Aarrgghh!

        The only thing I can think of now, and this is way too obscure I ‘m sure, is one of the titles that Bilbo scratched out (Adventures of Five Hobbits) before Frodo came up with “The Downfall of the Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King”. What am I missing? Help?


      1. Thanks Belinda! And thanks Martandrea! FWIW a lot of my passwords used to be based on a similar combination of my children’s names: thus Meghan and Daniel became “Meghandan”. I suppose in retrospect that sounds like a mortal enemy of Godzilla.


  2. I’m drowning! (It’s also late your time, so maybe I’ll hear from you tomorrow?)

    Here’s some wrong guesses (hell, they don’t even qualify as guesses):

    Martan = Martin Freeman, but that’s The Hobbit
    readventures = read adventures
    dreadventures = dread adventures
    … or nothing! (To quote Gollum at the end of the riddle contest. Yeah, The Hobbit, again.)

    You got me! Maybe I’m overthinking it, which is pretty standard for me. I’d be fine with another hint, but I can’t imagine how narrowing it down to one movie would help the cause. (“Hobbity” in your subtitle surely isn’t it.) And lastly there are no suitable anagrams.


    1. You’re on the wrong trail, Tom…the part to ponder is the link name itself……down from the door…THAT’s the LOTR part.
      Martandreadventures is condensed from Marta and Andrea Adventures…no LOTR there. Veer away.


      1. That’s a truly great way to use that quote from Bilbo’s walking/adventure song. In fact I love that you used it!

        That leaves me with one teeny tiny little question, just because I remain in what seems to be my natural state of confusion these days: Where does “” show up on these pages or on the way to these pages? Just curious that’s all.

        And “down from the door” made me think of Frodo and Sam’s discussion about landing in tales and Eomer’s question to Aragorn about walking in legends. In my humble opinion, you guys have already made a good start, well away from your front door.


      2. Yeah we were pretty happy to get the domain name! As for on the site itself, it’s still in prototype phase and mostly my fault – working on a banner that would have “down from the door” on it but havent had the time to finish. Hopefully soon! Staying home this weekend so I’ll have some time


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