Happy Pepero/Poppy Day

Today is Pepero day. What is Pepero, you ask? It’s the Korean version of a cracker you might more easily recognize by its Japanese counterpart, Pocky: those long, thin crackers dipped in a variety of sweet flavours. (Just don’t mention Pocky here, because Pepero is King.) For the past few days, grocery stores have been discounting their Pepero (and other chocolates) and people have been GOING CRAZY FOR IT. I’ve seen people with whole carts of Peppero, and I might’ve bought a box or ten myself…

So what is Pepero day exactly? Well, today is November 11, a.k.a. 11/11, and all these 1’s look a lot like Pepero sticks, so Lotte, the snack food brand that owns Pepero, decided to make bank and declare its own snack holiday. Which is nuts. That’d be like if Oreo just grabbed a date for itself and declared it Oreo day, and everyone bought Oreos en masse and everyone was getting different flavoured Oreos from everyone else in one big Oreo Orgy of Deliciousness…which actually sounds kind of awesome…COME ON, CANADA, WE COULD REALLY USE A BACON DAY!

As you will have gathered, on Pepero day, everyone gives Pepero to their friends (or love interests) as a sign of affection. It’s sort of like a snack Valentine’s day. Here’s an adorable video about it.


Today my Grade 5 students were absolutely adorable and I got not one, not two, but THREE boxes of Pepero. One even asked me 3 days in advance which flavour I wanted. Scored me some free almond Pepero, oh yeah!


Jolly holidays aside, today is also Veteran’s Day in Canada. I really wish I could have worn a poppy or taught my students about it, but I figured talk of WWII miiiight be a huge downer on their Pepero day festivities…especially considering the harshness of what happened on this end of the globe during that time. The WWII era and the Korean occupation by the Japanese is a HUGE topic here, one that will require its own blog post to explore thoroughly. I’ve certainly learned a lot more about it in the one month I’ve been here than in my whole life back home. In Canada, the Korean War was just that Other war that happened after Vietnam. Or maybe before. I don’t know. It happened and Red Foreman was in it.

So while I cannot wear a poppy today, I’d just like to take some time to pay my respect to the veterans who gave up their lives for our generation and more to come.

Also, I heard about the white poppy thing. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Happy Pepero/Poppy Day

  1. OMG Marta,
    You are one GOOD writer. I laughed so hard. Bet YOU have a “tasty face” after eating your really nice pepperro treats. Love the commercial. Love the fact you have kind students too.

    The Korean war occurred shortly after WWII. I remember radio reports about it in the early 50’s.
    Later I had a boyfriend who had been a medic in the Canadian navy during that war. You also had a great uncle and a great cousin who fought in WWII. The great cousin George sustained a life-long injury on the beach of Dunkirk. We are so proud of our veterans. Sometimes I feel conflicted because I hate war so much yet I’m grateful to the men and women who fought. It was compulsory military conscription back in WWII in Canada, so men had no choice but to join the fight.

    Thanks for the great read. LOL,A/C


  2. I am certain that so many of the Korean population remember those very sad and tragic times half a century and ten years ago and all preceeding it and afterwards. They could tell you stories that would really upset you. I’ve met and talked to people from both sides to discover by myself what, why and how. I studied the history and still there is much to learn and to try to forget the worst of it. But every year I am reminded. Probably a good thing. A lesson learned not to repeat past mistakes and march for peace in the world because we are just a speck in this galactic universe.


  3. National Bacon Day.! Yeah, I’m all for it.
    Nation al Pig Day celebrated in the lower USA March 1
    National Roast of Pork Day March 7 (USA)
    National Pig-in-a-blanket Day April 24 (Marta called it Pigs-inna-blankie Day)anywhere there is a grocery with a frozen food section anywhere in the world.
    and the list goes on and on . . .


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