A Beautiful (But Bipolar) Day

Having arrived back from Seoul very late via a rather stressful last minute ticket, I happened to be on the bus when the first Cheongju snowfall blizzarded the roads.

As a bit of backstory, apparently the last bus is at 9pm – and Andrea and I went to inquire about tickets home at 9:30. Needless to say we were in a bit of a panic considering we either missed work the next morning, stranded in Seoul, or forked out an hour and a half long taxi fare, for which we already had a cabbie or two giving us the friendly eye, albeit with the gleam of green behind it.

Anyhow crisis was averted when we asked at a separate ticket counter and there were some left to buy there. (Note to anyone traveling through Korea: each ticket booth will give you a different answer so hit them all up before you crumple in defeat!!)

Both buses had late departures, 10:55 and 11:35 respectively, so we stayed and chatted about all things little and big until parting. Feels so good to catch up with my braib twin ♥ though it’s just one province apart I still miss our regular hangouts.

We eventually boarded and I passed out on mine until exiting into Cheongju. I wiped the fog from the window with the disorientation and discoordination that comes from falling asleep in transit, and lo! The entirely unexpected sight of snow filled the world outside. I almost, cliche-edly, thought I was dreaming.

There’s something about seeing snowfall that is impossible to put into words, how the flakes blow in clumsy gusts, fat and heavy like ash, or moths, or goose down shaken in the spring. It’s quiet and peaceful and tricks you into falling in love with winter all over again.

I watched clumps hit the window and melt in tiny rivers down the glass as we arrived at the station. Caught a cab home and promptly collapsed into bed.

I completely forgot about the snow pretty much until I stepped outside and slid open the frosted windows to check what the world had in store…




Despite my loathing of winter, I had the giddy gradeschool Marta already balling up snow ammo in my mind. Got my winter coat with critically perfect timing. Seems that’s the trend, both with warm wear and bus tickets!

Walked to work and was continually mesmerized by the suddenness with which the weather had changed, to the point that hardly half the autumn leaves had had a chance to fall before the season turned. Made for some pituresque shots all the same.




Spent a long time watching the flurries from my office window.


Although by lunchtime, it had cleared so much it only had snow on the top of Uam mountain.


Nonetheless, coat stayed on the whole day because the heating still isn’t turned up and the hallways are so frosty you can see your own breath. I can already foresee this being really difficult to cope with; my coteachet said that it’s only the rooms that get heated and even then the moderately toastier staffroom is the place all teachers flock to because it’s the warmest place in the school.

So when we weren’t teaching we stayed in the staffroom the whole time drinking tea and coffee, leaning our thighs against the heater, and watching the kids throw snowballs with no hats, mittens or jackets. It started snowing again, and became a blizzard by the time our days ended.


I’m really hoping I can make it through the cold. But if not, I have a tentative end-of-January trip to Australia in the planning stages!! ^ ^

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful (But Bipolar) Day

  1. First…let me get this out of the way: Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA Haaaaaa Ha HA ha HA! the Great White North is not white before you…and so I laugh. seriously, you’d probably bring snow to Hawaii 😀
    Nicely writ descript of snowfall. I liked that. And the footprint all over the snowy field reminds me of mice tracks around our patio in winter. Purty. Right purty


  2. Wow Marta, you could almost make me like Winter. Thanks for your beautiful words and pictures. Maybe you could parlay these posts into a book. You write so well.


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