Lazy Weekend

Took a weekend off to draw and make Christmas cards.


Is it bad that I enjoyed it so much I want to have weekends like this more often? It’s nice to travel, but it’s exhausting to be on tourist mode 24/7. It may seem strange to seemingly squander the time, but I’m also revelling in having my own apartment – my own headspace – to enjoy. It’s nice to just appreciate having moved out and feeling what it’s like to life on my own in a very mundane way. And getting to have some down time and do some art, I felt like myself again.

6 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend

  1. You burn out if you are always in tourist-mode and out every weekend. Having the “rainy day”/”snow day” kind of days is ALWAYS important. You can’t create or write if you are always out and about. You need to pace yourself and have breaks between to let your brain process everything and to give yourself a chance to appreciate it. Down-time/me-time is the way to stay healthy.


    1. Life is kind of like being at the Fair…you want to take time out from the rides. After too long it isn’t fun anymore to be on something that keeps going round fast. In order to appreciate it best you need to stand back sometimes so you can pick and choose what you want to do next. You’re not in a race. Adjust your settings to “living”. Breathe. Enjoy. If a cuppa tea and a book is “enjoy” then do that. If it’s to draw or write…choose that. If it means a night out clubbing or shopping in Seoul, go for it. Life is what you choose. And all the choices are great as long as they correspond to what you feel is best for you at that time.


  2. yeah the single life is obviously very conducive to your brain right now. Good-on fer you. I know what u are feelin’ and itsa good feelin’


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