Hairjam. Hairjam aniya. Hairjam.


Quite possibly the most ridiculous Korean commercial I have seen to date. Laughed my ass off in the movie theatre and got stared at.

2 thoughts on “Hairjam. Hairjam aniya. Hairjam.

  1. Sounds like he’s saying, “He does. He doesn’t. Don’t be stupid. He does. He doesn’t. Are you kidding me? etc.” But maybe, Free Spirit, you ought to hold up on your laughter until you can gauge the reaction of the hundreds of others you are sitting among.

    Not quite the same for sure, but long ago I watched Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Juliet in Montreal when it first came out. I roared at some of the scenes along with the audience. I liked it so much I watched it again when I got back to Burlington, Vermont.

    I guess the Burlington movie goers were not as sophisticated as the Canadian ones. I ended up pretty much laughing loud and alone at some of the best scenes: “A sail! A sail!”, etc. But at least I wasn’t 10,000 kilometers from home.


  2. Hahaha he’s saying, “Hairjam. Not Hairjam.” according to the stylishness of the guys in the photos, Hairjam being the name of the hair gel they were advertising. It was a mostly empty theatre with maybe 6 other people in it, so I think they were surprised that people were sitting in the rows behind them! A very loud case of the giggles for sure 🙂 Not in any way derisive, and they didn’t seem offended. Just puzzled.


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