FINALLY, for the first time since coming to Korea, I’ve finished all of my middle school lessons BEFORE coming home from work.


After many, many Wednesday nights spent near tears and completely stressed, I have finally made some headway on my lesson planning. I took some advice from the other foreigner teacher at my school and made an Excel spreadsheet to organize all of my lessons and materials. I’ve even colour-coded everything to indicate each stage of completion as I go along (thank you, summer jobs in accounting!) I feel like I’ve finally clambered my way up to the crest of the hill, and I can see the valley just over the edge of it. Tomorrow I’ll finish my lessons for next week, and be half a week ahead! WHAT UP!!

Two other things that happened today: I FINALLY got a hair dryer and a new electric blanket! I’ve spent these past two months with wet hair in the morning because the “hair styler” I bought has virtually no blowing power. Also I burnt out my first electric blanket by forgetting the turn it off on several occasions, one time over the weekend while I was in Seoul. Oops! Thankfully no fires occurred.

Now for a warm and RESTFUL night’s sleep! HURRAY!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “FINALLY! x3

  1. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Kudos, kudos Andrea!
    PS: Accounting eh? And you thought it was only good for lulling you to sleep. 😛


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