Yesterday my coworker texted me to bring my mask to school because of a microdust storm from China sweeping inland.

My first thought was, of course, wtf I don’t have a mask I’m going to die!!

But it seems not many people wear them here despite the warning. Apparently it is still harmful though because the dust is so fine it’s near impossible to keep from breathing it in, and as such it can really fuck up your lungs’ days. Not that I can see a mask helping much if it’s that fine though – seeing it roll in over the last few days, it’s looked a lot more like mist or smog than dust. Micro indeed!

Here’s a picture from my school window. It’s so thick it’s made it dark the whole day and they haf to turn on the baseball field loodlights.


7 thoughts on “Microdust

    1. I’ve just been staying indoors! It would take longer outside for me to buy one than for me to just walk home from school so I opted for the less time outside being the better : )


  1. Check at the drugstore or hardware store for at least one of those paper dust masks. They are not ideal, but they do help. The ideal ones cover most of the face, have hepa filters and you can’t talk through them. Good luck. A/C


  2. Dust that fine enters even indoor spaces. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth. The nose has a lot of natural filters there.


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