Relaxing Friday Night

After yet another marathon phone call with Marta the other night (4.5 hours…damn!) I felt really inspired to do something artistic. Meeting new people and going out is nice, but it’s been two months since either of us have had any quiet time to really get into our own headspace. So, last night I kicked off my social engagements like a pair of muddy boots and spent some quality time with my brushes, notebook, and electric blanket. And hey, when I went to the art supply store,  I found 7, 000 ₩ on the floor to boot! That’s like $7 in one go. Paid for one of my larger paintbrushes ^^

Here’s what I got up to last night. I got so absorbed that for supper I just ate cold fried chicken from the fridge while contemplating what to add. Felt amazing!



5 thoughts on “Relaxing Friday Night

  1. Oh, Andrea! I love it. The words “kicked off my social engagements like a pair of muddy boots”, the concept of you taking the time to finally do what is part of you and express creativity again, that beautiful painting…I am happy. It’s as it should be. The experience of everything new is fabulous, but not if you get lost in the process. Part of the journey is to find yourselves.


  2. Really beautiful. Is the date sequence in Korea year, month day? In US it is month, day, year. In Canada it is day month year. Hard to keep it straight sometimes.


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