A Typical Korean School Lunch

Fulfilling a photo request for my mommy ^^


From top left clockwise: red-bean filled rice cakes (dessert), pickled radish cubes with chili flakes, seasoned cold vegetable (豆苗?), sweet and sour pork (slightly different from Canadian style sweet and sour; the pork is cut into strips instead of cubes, sauce is milder and sweet, not tangy. This one in particular was made with pineapple, but more often the sauce is made with apple!) which they call Tangsooyook 탕수육, seaweed soup with vegetable and bean paste (like a milder miso), and a big heap of rice, often with barley or other kinds of rice mixed in, especially purple rice!

The meals change every day, and aside from the soups, which are usually pretty standard (seaweed bean paste soup, kimchi soup, clear radish soup, or the dreaded stinky tofu soup…which is actually very tasty once you get past the smell and the mild “meat that’s gone slightly off” tang), I’ve only had one or two dishes repeated since I got here. They’re really imaginative with their selection too, and serve anything from spicy stewed chicken, udon, congee, fish and chips, tonkatsu (called donkas here), and kimchi fried rice. For dessert last week I got a sliced kiwi, one time I got a banana, and nowadays a whoooole lot of persimmons, which seem to be in season. So many delicious dishes!

No doubt about it, the school lunch is the best meal of my day. Nothing microwaved or thrice-cooked under a heatlamp here! Just steamy, wholesome goodness. Mmmm…

7 thoughts on “A Typical Korean School Lunch

  1. That’s it. I’m packing my bags & coming to teach English. Not only do you not have to plan, prepare, cook & pack your own lunch day after day, you get full course hot & nutritious meals served each & every day?! That looks so deliciously awesome! Yum yummy. 🙂


  2. Omg that green cold vegetable is my favourite. What the eff is it?! I was told it was spinach, sesame leaf, and bok choy (ruling out the latter as it’s clearly not bok choy lol). I would eat this all the time. Must make it at home *drools*


  3. The tray portion size looks smaller than N.A. and probably closer to how much you’re actually supposed to eat 😛 And dessert sounds so healthy!


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