Juss Oat Ferrarip, Are Ya Bud?

Been singing this for the past two weeks and thought it was about time I post it. Nurses (or aggravates?) my occasional nostalgia for good ol’ Canadiana.

As a side note, I tried showing my co-teacher this and she was not amused XD guess it’s a side of Canada not widely known…

2 thoughts on “Juss Oat Ferrarip, Are Ya Bud?

  1. This is like being with the guys I worked with in one studio…Steve from Pembroke, Ontario especially…after 2 years “fuck” became every other word for me as well…adjective, noun. verb, different enunciations for varied impact…I had to UNLEARN how to speak when I began at the agency later! And the guys in Gananoque…the boredom of the trees after a while so that this is exactly the sentiments. Oh Canada!


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