Christmas is Coming


Apologies once again for the post shortage (although for those of you in Eastern Canada, it sounds like you had shortages of your own – of the power variety – and wouldn’t’ve been able to use a computer anyhow! Hope you’re all safe…I don’t envy you). Though there’s little in the way of community-wide celebration here, things are still very busy! I’ll be heading to Andrea’s for Christmas and again for New Year’s so I’m trying desperately to gather all my thoughts, possessions, and plans into one efficient electro magnetic train.

So far I’ve not been doing too badly: been on a teacher’s retreat this weekend (more to come on that when I have time to do it justice this week), hung out with some friends for lunch, and managed to wrap, write, and mail a Santa-worthy stack of presents and Christmas cards! (Sorry guys, won’t make it by Christmas though…)


Butter chicken and cheese naan at a local Indian and Nepalese restaurant. So freaking good, especially after having had nothing but Korean food for 3 months…miss Montreal’s multicultural palate!


Went for Cookies and Cream frappuccinos after with a huge stack of complementary jam and toast.


The best frappuccino I’ve ever had (as I’m sure my thighs grimace upon remembering hehe)


Went to sushi train the next day with a new friend and we stuffed ourselves with the many many merrily-chugging-by stacked plates of sushi. All you can eat for less than 18 000W.


My first ever piece of sushi from a sushi train was accidentally a kimchi sushi instead of the salmon I’d anticipated…


Not gonna lie though, the sushi’s not that stellar here…aside from a few standout pieces, like the very original seared tuna (above – though if it’s cooked does that really count?) and the egg ones, I was disappointed. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the fat, oily salmon sashimi lunches I had while in Vancouver.


Aaaaaand lots of mail. When I went to the post office, the postal worker looked like she was ready to commit me to a mental asylum – either for writing so many or for wanting to mail them all to Canada, I didn’t quite work out the details. So cheap though! Like $1 per letter – for air mail. Dear Canada Post: please be trained by South Korea?

Tonight I also took a flash trip to Daejeon wherein I was in Daejeon for no more than half an hour.

“WHAT??!” you say.

“How can you see a place in half an hour?” you say.

“What’s the point when you’re cramming your errands together tighter than a tetris master’s blocks?” you say.

Well, to all you Doubting Debbies (Doubting Thomas with a dash of Debbie Downer), I say I didn’t go there for the sights nor on vague unecessary whim: rather I’ve crossed something off my life checklist from since I was 15. No idea what? I just got a Canon T3i ^ ^

Well, granted my 15 year old dream was to own Canon EOS 5D Mark II, because that’s what my photographer idol of the time, Lara Jade, used. BUT it’s be a dream of mine to own a real DIY focus, beautiful pixel capture camera since I was an early teen and it feels SOGOOD to have one! My low key (but old faithful and trusty) powershot died about a year ago, and I was considering getting one before leaving but it was financially unrealistic. So glad I waited cuz I got this one off a really sweet girl on Seoul Craigslist for a mere 400 000₩ or less than $400. So excited to start using it but I’ll have to wait until I get to Andrea’s else I neglect all my other errands.

That said I must head out to do more productive stuff!! Expect more posts in the near future of more substantial length.

One thought on “Christmas is Coming


    Love and Hugs and a Happy Christmas Marta my Dear. SOOOOO Happppy you got one !

    Love and Hugs to Andrea and a Happy Christmas to you.

    Guess all your presents won’t arrive to both of you in time. So SORRY.

    We got power back & glad R. is here with us and not in T.O. where dey don’t got none.

    Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 16:04:27 +0000


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