An Ongoing Christmas

My last day at school, so Tuesday, I got another nice surprise: more mail!

It was a lovely package from my even lovelier aunt and I was, as one might imagine, thoroughly ecstatic (I mean what better timing than Christmas Eve? ^ ^)

I decided to wait til Christmas morning to open it though…BUT in the frenzy of celebrations and the mindfog of the slightly hungover, I left it in my suitcase until just now (thanks for reminding me in a below comment). And yet, what is better at combating the post-Christmas blues of realizing the good old Xmas has come and gone? A card, letter, and present after the fact from someone you love. Feels like a warm hug from abroad.


And so a big thank you to my wonderful aunt for brightening my spirits – I wish you a merry merry Christmas in return ♥♥

Also just finished skyping with the whole Chambly gang on their Christmas Day as the festivities wound down and it was wonderfully heart warming. Couldn’t ask for a better family ♥ Love you guys!

And happy Christmas Day to all reading this in the West! Hope you’re having the best the holiday can offer.

One thought on “An Ongoing Christmas

  1. Hi Marta, So glad you got the book. I’m happy that you managed to skype with your family as well. Stay warm and enjoy your great adventure of living abroad. It’s snowing here, so I guess I gotta gear up to go plow my driveway. Take care and much love from A/C


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