I’m Back!

No I’ve not died some painful, poisonous death while in the land of Oz (though there was a close encounter with a shark. But imma teaser trailer you with that and make you wait to read more about that in a near-future post….). There was, however, a large lack of internet. So while I was writing posts on my laptop, I had no wireless with which to post them for you lovely, patient readers!

But now that holidays, winter camps, and vacationings are over, I very much hope to be back on track and better than ever.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been trying to reorient myself back into Cheongju life.

That and I’ve also decided it’s time to be tackling the task of decorating my apartment, since it’s had  about as much personality as the vacated shell of a rock limpet. I’ve already got some posters up, and now it’s all about the details. Pinterest, inspire me!!

I also had more awesome packages waiting for me at work, which definitely helped ease the bummer of having to leave the sun-sticky shores of Oz. They even had Christmas presents in them!! Whooo! (The packages, that is…not the shores…)

Check out that Harry Potter wrapping paper!
Check out that Harry Potter wrapping paper!
Check out that Harry Potter wrapping paper!

A big thank you to the parcel elves of Chambly for this. Thanks a zillion ❤

So now that I’ll be proceeding with a more regular schedule of posting, I’ve been considering doing planned/themed articles for certain days, to start giving the blog a bit more structure. How would you guys feel about a Travel Tuesday (learning about different places to travel, both in Korea and around the world!), a Word Wednesday (learning a Korean word a week!), or a Fun Fact Friday (discovering something entertaining about Korea!), or a certain day of the week I post about Korean news, articles, or issues that have come up recently in the area?

I guess what I’m trying to say is what would you, dear readers, like to see on this blog? What do you want to see more of? Less of? Topics you’ve been hoping I’ll cover but haven’t got around to yet? Vlogs? More photos? Music? Multimedia? More philosoraptor-ing? (I also address these questions to you, silent readers! I know you’re there and I want to know what your brain craves!!)

So leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to take your advice in mind with what I will call the best intentions of the (Chinese) New Year! And look, I’ve even made it easy by making a poll thing for y’all! Because polls are fun!! Pick as many answers as you want.

10 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. I love reading whatever you write, so no matter the format, I will read it. Unlike a certain pre-teen, once upon a time, who informed ME that SHE would take MY STUPID book BUT was NOT going to read it! 😀 I just could not resist adding that little bit to your blog! Keep writing and posting – it thrills me to know that I had a teeny tiny role to play in your writing talent.


    1. I’m never going to live that down, am I? Hahaha well it’s safe to say my precocious nature is part of what got me here – as well as, yes, most certainly, my confident grade six explosion into writerliness (FUN FACT: did you know I wrote my first novel in grade six? It was called “The Horse-Rustling Mystery”, and it was a whole twenty handwritten pages long). So, many thanks for that inspirational period ^ ^


    2. lol ! Those were VERY interesting days when those moments came and went like waves upon a shore. Her waves of personality started to tickle our toes and lap our feet until the wave, the big one, swept us along and carried us into her brain and washed all over us with her insight, humour, shooting from the hip(ster) story telling episodes.


  2. I like whatever subject you write about…it’s all fun and fascinating. But then, I’m the kind of person who raised my kids in an unstructured environment…I like it when it’s spontaneous.
    That was cute Harry Potter paper 😀 but the Lindt bear looks like it went through a few skirmishes…fought its way to your home!


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