Making Good on a Promise

Some preliminary sketches to work out the costume details. There are going to be sequins involved…LOTS of them. Unless I’m lazy and just paint it instead…

02-13@14-11-22-426 02-13@14-11-08-654I’ve seen a lot of different costumes online that all did their own take on the design. Only a few really hit the mark, though, I think on account of fabric and sequin choices. Depending on whether I can source the fabric or not, we’ll see if this project follows through. My preference is always for accurate costume replication, but who knows – maybe a stylistic interpretation is in order ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll also have to invest in a sewing machine.

hoped for results
hoped for results



5 thoughts on “Making Good on a Promise

  1. OH MY GAWD!!!!!! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!! And I love your sketches for it! WOW. Is there a cosplay event coming up? You probably mentioned, but I am old and forgetful….


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