Fun, Fearless, Female

My sister was kind enough to bring me some American magazines during her visit last week. I hadn’t realized how long it’d been since I read any North American fashion and advertising…it’s surprisingly easy to get out of touch with Western trends, here. And there’s just something so deliciously indulgent about laying in bed, painting your nails, and reading the Cosmo Confessions section while kicking your feet.

omg shoes!
omg shoes!

Unfortunately, I decided to read Cosmo not in bed, but while seated in the waiting area of the Wonju Bus terminal. Sure there were bikinis and lingerie…maybe a little risque for Korean standards…and then this happened:

no hiding what these are

No matter how quickly you snap shut a magazine, someone will notice the dildos. The woman sitting next to me got up and left. I put the magazine away, shrank into my seat, and played on my cellphone like everyone else in the station.

4 thoughts on “Fun, Fearless, Female

  1. I would have liked to have witnessed this…I’m like a crazy person laughing at the thought of it…imagine how much MORE embarrassed you’d have been with me there laughing as she got up!


  2. I really enjoyed this ’cause “isn’t always the way” I can just imagine that lady getting up and leaving in a huff! Around here that lady would have surreptitiously read along with you lol!


    1. LOL I miss Montreal for its shamelessness like that. I’ve totally read along with people’s scandalous magazine spreads before, particularly when bored at Indigo ;D


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