“Life should not be a journey to the grave


3 thoughts on ““Life should not be a journey to the grave

  1. MSB-B i think sometimes your mind is a reflection of H. Bosch and the quirky panoramas you envision and transmit to us in your blogs. I so enjoy reading this material. AND as a bonus you added REAL pictures of Oz. thanks for that. BTW speaking of Perth they have the same thing near there up in the treetops http://www.valleyofthegiants.com.au/ if your anywhere near there someday, wink wink nudge nudge.


  2. Especially, with the communication gap, did the concept of Babelfish even occur to you? For a moment, did you contemplate placing the fish in your ear?

    I have to admit, though, when personally face with massive surrealism (and it occurs with unexpected frequency) my initial reaction is to make unintelligible gurgling sounds and do a lot of pointing. It gets people looking away from me while I check my self existence and look for nearby doors.


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