First off I want to thank all of you guys for your responses on my Seagate Tragedy post, you’ve given me hope! I’ll keep responding to the comments soon (aka as soon as I’m on the other side of sleep), and will keep my fingers crossed for the best results.

Anyway today will just be a quick lazy Sunday post! I had a long night out saying goodbye to some friends – the guy I bought my beanbag chair off of and his girlfriend – which was quickly met by an early start to Seoul for my second Korean wedding. My co-teacher invited me, and said that we should make a day of it and tour the capital. We went to a palace – but more importantly two bookstores.

Imma just say that I’ve been craving bookstores since I stopped working at Indigo. I used to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in bookstores and then to come to a country with no English books to browse…oh my aching bookworm heart.

Bandi and Luni’s, my new favourite Korean/English bookstore located at the Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

There’s nothing like picking up new books, favourite books, books that have been recommended to you, books you’ve read and hated, books you saw the movie of first and feel guilty over for not having read the book yet… much happiness.

As I browsed and lost myself in excitement running my fingers along the multicoloured spines, I felt bad for my co-teacher who limped on her fancy wedding-guest heels after a full day’s walking. But dragging myself away was hard. Alas, I did it eventually – but not until after I regaled her with plot summaries and pulled an ex-Indigo employee and recommended book after book as though my salary still depended on it.

So I’d just like to shout out to all my old bookstore family and say that I missed them greatly as I walked down the aisles of shelves and messed up the perfectly aligned stacks displayed on tables. Love and miss you all ❤

3 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. should I photocopy this blog post and bring it to Indigo to ask one of your mates to post it in their lunch room ? that would be a gas?


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