Didn’t have time to finish a post today, though I have one half-baked! I was busy working on start-of-semester spreadsheets mapping out the next year’s worth of class schedules (phew!) and writing up a long-awaited article for a friend that she asked me to do about eleven months ago…probably most shamefully late submission ever.

But anyway, not to disappoint y’all with a gap in posts: my mother found this video, and I thought it was appropriate for Andrea and I as women choosing to live outside the box and just doing what we want to do with our lives because we can. So I just want to pay homage to some great ladies of the past who made it possible for all us ladies of the present to go and follow our dreams of galavanting across the globe without a second thought. I tip my hat to thee.

Know any other amazing women in history who were underratedly badass? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Globetrotter-ettes

  1. Frances Perkins! Frances Perkins! Frances Perkins! I wrote a research paper on her in my third round of college. There’s just too much to say about this amazing pathfinder (within the halls of power). Just to mention one: she was the first woman cabinet member in the U.S. (under FDR from the beginning until his death).

    And I was both privileged and more than a little surprised to be the first person to see some of her sealed records (25 years under seal, if I remember right), even though they had been available for maybe a year (the aforementioned numbers might be off, but the unsealing was real enough and goose bumpy).

    And I agree with bcp457.


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