Drunken Encounters, A Portrait, and Bioshock Among Other Things

When you’re drunk – or at least when I am – I tend to meet a lot of new people. Drunk Marta is very capable/thinks she’s very capable of having conversations with said new acquaintances and gets very enthusiastic about covering a whole range of subjects.

Most of the time I don’t remember these.

However sometimes I manage to snatch hold of a person’s contact information and am reminded of our conversations in the morning – and usually nice surprises occur when this happens. (There are also the bad kind of surprises, but we won’t talk about those).

[Should probably disclaim for my own reputation: this isn’t me ;)]
One such encounter that most recently took place (last Saturday, to be precise, at my friends’ going away party) led to a very nice surprise indeed. I met a guy (Ahmed), and whilst I completely failed to hear half the things he said because of the raucous singing happening around us – as well as being impaired by my five pints, two jager bombs, and this one mystery shot that had something minty in it – we managed to strike up a conversation about hobbies.

In fact, it landed on the topic of art and drawing. He asked to see some of mine, and he mentioned he had a portrait blog. We added each other on Facebook, and the next day he linked me to it. He included that he was inspired by one of my pictures and hoped I didn’t mind if he made it into a portrait. I said of course not, and today was surprised by the finished product:

Portrait of me by Ahmed Aly.
Portrait of me by Ahmed Aly.

It’s me!! In my profile picture! I’m super honoured to have a place on his blog, which you should all check out at ahmeds100portraits.blogspot.kr.

It’s always such a treat to run into creatively inclined people here. Sadly most creative types are like me and enjoy the homespace more than the socialspace…thus it is difficult to meet those of like-mind. So thank you, Ahmed, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Anyway, I just came back from dinner and tea with my ex-co-teacher, KY (who has broken my heart and moved to another school), and picked up my order of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 from the local video game shop, Game-Bang (increasingly becoming my favourite shop as a stand-in for bookstores). Andrea’s to blame for this impulsive buy (*shakes fist but is secretly so very pleased*), but how could I say no to a really good deal when it’s an Atlantis-Steampunk world??

As you might imagine, I’m quite looking forward to playing them, so imma just leave you there with Ahmed’s blog to explore and this K-Pop song to enjoy, since we haven’t had much music on here yet. Check out those girl-band dance routines. It’s like being back in the early 2000’s!! Also it’s a super catchy song…


(Video doesn’t seem to embed in the post, so alas, all I can provide is the link.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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