U is for Ukelele

Alright alright…I’m finally posting! Recently I’ve become completely absorbed by learning how to play the ukelele. Ever since leaving Canada, I’ve really missed playing the piano – just the challenge of mastering a technical skill, something you can pick up in your hands and drive at full force. For a long time I waffled between getting a ukelele or a tenor recorder, but after strumming on a special friend’s uke, I just needed to get my hands on one! This video’s the sum of many hours watching youtube instructional videos and an afternoon of practice. Not that I’m patting myself on the back or anything 😛

I haven’t quite mastered singing and playing at the same time (as soon as my mouth opens, my brain turns to mush and the music turns into a jumble of muttered syllables and mutilated chords), and ukelele me eventually goes on strike and decides to stop playing, so apologies for the abrupt end! Enjoy 🙂


7 thoughts on “U is for Ukelele

  1. This was worth waiting through the long silence…You are TOO sweet!!!! Love this. Love your singing. Love that you are learning to play the ukele. Now you need to buy one so that when you travel around Europe you have it with you. You will make NO end of friends…it is small to carry, but big on returns for fun.


  2. Luv the 2 screen view and your singing one of my favs. Kuddos for taking up the instrument and come on give us more, ’cause that’s how we like it.


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