The Birth and Death of the Day

Loooooongest week since a loooong time. Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, as per usual, but instead of the grey drear of spring rain, today I was met with a sunrise blushing with the first promise of summer.

And so I went to work feeling a tad more lifted and less dejected about leaving my featherbed.

What made the day feel well rounded and beautiful, however, was the marvellous sunset slipping down the opposite horizon a few hours after work ended. The sun was at least five times as large as in the below picture – an orange orb worthy of the opening scene of The Lion King.

Thought I’d ease into a pleasant weekend with a modest post of the pictures I couldn’t help but take of both occasions of the birth and death of the day.

And since this is a phrase I’ve stolen from Explosions in the Sky, I give you a link to their song, “The Birth and Death of the Day“, to enjoy while you observe these photos, or to carry on with you through your daily adventures.



3 thoughts on “The Birth and Death of the Day

  1. Wow Marta! So blown away by your accomplishments and your blog! Can’t wait to read more! Bravo! Long time since tea and cookies in your home kitchen and grade one! Kim xoxo


  2. “. . . the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball . . . “.* oops sorry, your blog made my mind wander to a time and place far far away when the weather was much warmer than it is now in March. Thanks for reminding me of that time. And thanks for the link to the song piece “Explosions in the Sky”. So good a match for a late night radio program on CBC, The Signal, with Laurie Brown that I listen to.
    * The Crykle


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