Korean Kids

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m not a fan of kids, but I have to say Korean children can be adorable despite my aversion to human offspring.

My lovely friend TN linked me this video today of a mother trying to teach her daughter an important life lesson, and I dare you to watch it only once.

I think my favourite is the shoulder wiggle at 0:11.

(Also as a fun side note, I surprised myself by being able to immediately recognize the language spoke as Korean as soon as I heard it – and even though there were subtitles, I understood like 15% of it on its own ^ ^)

6 thoughts on “Korean Kids

  1. (at least now I know what to say when a strange man offers me cookies, ice cream and swimming…though I AM tempted, like her, to respond with a yes)
    ps…BRAVO to you for being able to figure out language and partial content! ❤


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