TIL Tuesday: You Can Delete Memories

So I don’t know if I’m actually going to make TIL Tuesdays a thing, but today is Tuesday and today I did indeed learn something. (TIL stands for Today I Learned for the less reddit-obsessed, aka the ones who probably have more involved lives than us internet procrastinators).

Before I reveal exactly what I learned and in what context (I realize the title gives it away, but let’s pretend for a moment that it’s more cryptic than a spoiler), I will backtrack to why I’m blogging about this when, I will confess, it outwardly has no relevance at all to ESL, Korea, or travel.

Being a foreign English teacher means you do either one of two things: first, you’re working your ass off and if you’re lucky have time to grab tea in the staffroom, or two, you’re near catatonic scrolling through cat gifs on the internet.

Last week I was fully #1 – running around, feeling both accomplished and exhausted, but in the “Hey, you deserve to!” kinda way.

Thank you, Ryan Gosling, I do deserve it and your shirtless meme right now.

But I must have blown a fuse over the weekend though with all those arcade games, because this week I cannot seen to slap myself out of my stupor. Classes end, and I’m just about ready to die. Today was particularly rough.

Just in time, though, I managed to rouse myself from the ebbing drift into unconsciousness at my desk and type into the Google search bar, “Soundcloud Radiolab”.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, Radiolab is an awesome podcast/radio show – with multiple programs uploaded onto their website as well as Soundcloud. They cover a whole range of topics from the origin of AIDS (“ludicrously interesting” as the viral Upworthy page rightly claimed) to documenting unconventional love stories to modern neurological anomalies such as a man who can simultaneously listen to and play back in his head four separate and distinct symphonies perfectly.

I listened to the above three a few weeks ago and loved them. Today I had almost 2 hours to ruthlessly murder, so I decided there was no better way to kill time and awaken my brain than to listen to one of their full-length episodes.

I chose “Memory and Forgetting” and was not disappointed.

As a teaser-premise, it’s about the nature of memory and its manipulation – even to the point of physically deleting memories. If any of you have seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it’s exactly like that. Except real. Freaking fascinating.

One of my all-time favourite films.

Anyway, here it is posted below for any of you who have the time to check it out! I highly recommend it. If not, I will give a tiny philosoraptor nugget to contemplate, a quote one of the broadcasters said:

I’m a string of memories. That’s the thing that most accurately describes my existence.

Not overly profound on its own, but after listening to the show about the somewhat tragic nature of memory…well, it’s a statement that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. To me at least. I probably just have waaaay too much time to think at my desk.

If you have time, happy listening! If you don’t, bookmark it for later.

Also holla if you want TIL Tuesdays to become semi-regular (Monthly? Bi-monthly perhaps?). I don’t know if you’d think they were out of place here, since they might be somewhat tangental from the typical content of the blog, but it’s surprising how much random stuff you can find on the internet to keep you entertained while desk warming! I promise you’d keep entertained.

5 thoughts on “TIL Tuesday: You Can Delete Memories

  1. Heya Marta I do TIL almost every day when I eat my lunch. I hit Wiki, Nasa, geology, history, politics (esp. theses days) etc. newspapers and the arcane. I love the stuff and look forward to looking up “Memories and Forgetting”. I vote for keeping TIL. TXS.


    1. Great good to know! I’m also impressed by the quality of the things you spend time on….shames my procrastination on everything from r/WTF to r/treessuckingatthings


  2. “I’m a string of memories. That’s the thing that most accurately describes my existence”
    Brilliant line. Captures how I feel about myself.
    I shall bookmark it for later…not TOO much later, though, because I want to hear it SOON.


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