A Reunion

Today was a spontaneous day of getting together with someone I haven’t seen in ages – since Orientation, actually. What makes this ludicrous is that we live in the same province, maybe 45 minutes away – an hour tops if there’s traffic.

BM and I first met at Incheon airport when I was led to my fellow Chungbuk-EPIKs waiting to be bussed out to our province. I feel really lucky that she was one of the first people I met here since she’s also one of the sweetest humans on the planet and one of the rare people I’ve encountered who I can immediately relax around; even with my massive jetlag and anxiety for the terrifying life adventure upon which I was about to embark, I felt comfortable and at ease chatting with her as the bustle of airport chaos clattered around us.

Fast forward to six months later, we’re both much more settled and much less jet lagged. Perfect recipe for a reunion (although I can’t understand why it took so long)!

So today was dedicated to catching up, eating non-Korean food, and basically enjoying a whole range of conversation from the anthropological stance on organic food to the English love poems her high school boys wrote for her class.

Amazing brunch, cookies & cream frappes, and butter chicken were also had to fuel our motor mouths! ^ ^

So, Miss BM, if you’re reading this, I had a great time today! Hope to see you soon.


8 thoughts on “A Reunion

  1. I had a fabulous time, too! Definitely not waiting that long to get together again! And I feel the exact same way about you…you are that rare soul that I can be completely honest and neurotic around immediately without judgement. 🙂


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