Forgive Me, I’m Going to Be Late On the Next Post!

I had a much needed chat with my mom on Skype and need to head to bed before posting, but I’ll try and get out the next Word Wednesday for tomorrow night as well as Thursday’s post!!

Apologies, but it’s either your wrath, or feeling like my brain’s in a blender tomorrow when my hyperactive grade 4’s need to be tamed.

Here are some children from North Korea playing the guitar to entertain you in the interim. (Video says they’re creepy, but I dunno, I’m just really impressed…)

4 thoughts on “Forgive Me, I’m Going to Be Late On the Next Post!

    1. Aw thanks! Appreciate it ^ ^ I guess it’s just for myself in that I’m trying really hard to not be one of those inconsistent bloggers. I’m always so impressed by those who have their posts scheduled and ready to go at the same time every day, and while I don’t quite manage that far I’m doing my best to at least be a daily blogger! But good to know there’s no pressure haha


  1. As long as the reason you didn’t post was so you could talk to your mother it’s fine…you could post less often and Skype more ;D
    (the middle girl had character!)


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