Word Wednesday #7: Make This Cheaper For Me

This slightly belated Word Wednesday is a phrase that may or may not come in handy, depending on the kind of person/shopper you are.

I rarely use it, just because I’ve worked in retail enough to know that it’s one of the top five most obnoxious things to ask a salesperson/cashier, but every so often it actually is quite worthwhile to know. In fact, I just used it this weekend to get $20 off my ukulele!

Not quite using “give me a discount” in context, but couldn’t resist putting this in…story of my life as a cashier at Indigo.

So what is this magical phrase?

Word: 카카 주세요 kaka jusaeyo (kah-kah jew-say-yoh)

Definition: Please give discount. If you’ll notice, this actually is a build-on from last week’s Word Wednesday, “Please give”, or jusaeyo. But instead of inserting maekju (beer), soju (distilled Korean rice alcohol), or makkeoli (fermented Korean rice alcohol) before the jusaeyo, you put kaka, which is “discount” (and try not to be a 12 year old boy and laugh that “kaka” sounds like poop – though it’s a good way to remember it, because if you’re asking for a discount it’s probably because the item is kind of shitty). Anyway, so all you have to remember for this week is kaka! Easy as!

It should probably come with a disclaimer though that – at least from my experience – Korea’s not a country where the locals get their kicks through bargaining. Aside from a huge traditional market, most of their stores are franchises, the same/similar to what you’d find in Western countries. Aka, places with set prices where you can argue til you’re blue in the face but no one’s giving you that discount. (I’m looking at you, all you customers who have ever come into Indigo and demanded I give you the American list price for books because you’re American and want to pay with American money. Just buy it in ‘Murca, then!)

So don’t be the obnoxious tourist who learns “please give me a discount” before “hello” and “thank you“. Not that you will though, because you guys are all awesome ^ ^

Anyway, I’m trying again with Soundcloud to add in an audio file, which will hopefully work for you (please let me know if it doesn’t and if the link directly to my Soundcloud page doesn’t work either).

Listen direct on Soundcloud here.

(Also listening back to it in retrospect, what I meant by “you can almost hear my squinty eyes” was the little “^ ^” cutesy anime facial expression…not…like in the racist way…wow, really poor choice of words in my part XD this is why I usually stick to writing, because I fail at speaking a great many times…I need more sleep.)

I’ve also added on the audio file for last week’s Word Wednesday, so check it out if you want to hear!

2 thoughts on “Word Wednesday #7: Make This Cheaper For Me

    1. Great news! And yeah maybe that was just it…I’ve had a Soundcloud account for so long that I completely forgot you actually need to be a member to listen…


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