Lazy Sunday Quote

Spent the day doing artsy things, cooking, and cleaning my apartment (perhaps more vigorously than usual because I can feel a cold coming on and know I won’t want to do anything but watch True Blood or Game of Thrones or maybe some Six Feet Under while I curl up with tea and blankets).

Thought that today I would share one of my favourite travel quotes with you from good old Saint Augustine of Hippo.


It’s so very true, but it’s one of those things you don’t truly understand until you travel.

I remember when I traveled for the first time (to Australia), one of the most vivid things that I remember feeling was the incredible sense of connectivity. Sure you learn about the world in school, but if you always stay in the same place your whole life, it remains an abstract concept.

Maybe I find this quote so appealing because I’m such a fond reader, but I do feel it’s very apt. The scale of the world is larger than anyone can ever experience in a single lifetime, and I for one don’t think I could keep reading the same page until I die.

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