We had a vocab quiz in class today. Correcting is relaxing if tedious work, but every so often it’s worth it for the gems you find in the answers.

This kid may have gotten Bonus Question #7 completely wrong, but they gave it a solid effort.


I couldn’t help but draw a picture to go with.

Also as I did my surveillant rounds through the desk rows, I’d watched this kid draw Harry Potter characters on his paper between words. When he handed it in though, he’d scratched out everything except “Severus”.

Therefore I had to draw a cauldron set for the potions master.


Because I’m a teacher so I do what I want!!

5 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. I love your Good Job stamp! I wish I could earn one too. šŸ˜‰
    And what lucky students to receive a drawing from their teacher.


    1. Personally I think someone should send you a card with a “good job” stamped on it for what a good job you’ve done parenting!!!!


    1. I have drawers of rubber stamps (most from Stampa Barbara in Santa Barbara) and would lend them to the teachers in ziplock bags, keeping note (by stamping) of what they had already had so they could rotate. They were happy with that system…always fresh stamps.


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