Well This is Somewhat Worrying…

Andrea and I have decided to spend Buddha’s birthday – at the beginning of May – going to Jeju Island.

Due to the fact that all plane tickets have long since sold out (being enslaved to the national holidays means, I’ve since learned, you need to book your tickets quicker than everyone else), we decided we’d take the opportunity to see the countryside. In other words, take the train and a ferry to the beautiful island province.

Except for today, tragedy struck when a Jeju Island ferry capsized and sank, killing three people and leaving another 150+ people unaccounted for.

You can read the full article here, but as a breakdown, this wasn’t exactly the ferry we would have taken (we’d be taking the Busan-Jeju ferry, not the Incheon-Jeju ferry). Even so, this is indeed a somewhat sobering occurrence to consider, it being a mere two weeks until we’d planned on taking water-borne transportation to the doomed boat’s destination.

On a somewhat morbid bright side…I guess at least we’ll be guaranteed getting tickets when we go to book them…

But in the meanwhile, I guess I just send all my best wishes towards the rescue crews.

8 thoughts on “Well This is Somewhat Worrying…

  1. It’s godawful what happened. Truly horrible. I wonder how many perished because they obediently sat still? Do they even have life vests on these ferries? My heart goes out to all those victims & their families.


    1. My co-teacher was telling me that yes, they did tell them to sit still and stay put. I really don’t understand why…maybe they didn’t think it would be as bad as all that. But considering it took 2 hours between the accident and sinking, you’d think they’d try and save as many passengers as possible…hundreds of students…it’s horrible to think.


    1. Actually that was the initial report. More recently, it’s actually only around 150 accounted for and nearly 300 missing. Only 9 have been confirmed dead, but considering it’s long since submerged, the chances of finding more survivors are slimming by the hour. I was talking to my co-teacher today about it and according to the Korean news she was hearing, they were telling the passengers to stay put instead of rush out. I can’t imagine why. Sounds like some Titanic horror story. Most of the passengers were students, nearly 200 from the same school…that’s more students than what I teach currently. I can’t imagine them all being gone just like that, an empty school…it’s really heartbreaking.


  2. Not that there’s anything not horrible about this, but when I read your perspective on that being more students than you teach currently — that they would be all gone — that really brought it home for me.


  3. It is the unthinkable. 2 days apart from the anniversary of the unsinkable.
    It didn’t hit me at first just how serious this was till later news came out. It never seemed as hopeless and horrific at first. What a difference the facts make.


    1. Yeah same. I heard about it and was like, “Oh that’s sad.” And then the magnitude hit. Hadn’t even thought about the Titanic anniversary until now either….


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