Word Wednesday #8: That’s a Little Bit Expensive

So I recorded this yesterday but wasn’t going to post it because I was a bit drunk at the time…but hey, what the hell! Aside from occasional slurring, I don’t think I could do any better re-recording it sober.

Thus, this week’s Word Wednesday is:

Word:  그게 비싸네요 geuge bissanaeyo (geuh-gay bee-ssah-nay-yo)

Definition: There are a few ways to say this phrase – including all the hierarchical variances – but what this version essentially means is “it is a little bit expensive”. To just say “it’s expensive” it would just be “geuge bissayo”, which is actually the version I heard first and have used most. However adding in the “nae” seems to add a touch of politeness and courtesy instead of the blunter “it’s expensive” version. At least that’s from what I can tell. Honestly, even if you just know the word “bissa”, whoever you’re talking to will know what you mean. As I’ve mentioned in previous Word Wednesdays, adding “yo” at the end of a word in Korean transforms it into the polite version, so if you can remember it, it’s always nice to tack it on. As for “geuge”, it just means “it” – so you don’t absolutely need to remember it, but it comes in handy if you every are forming other Korean phrases.

So now, paired with the previous Word Wednesday, “Make this Cheaper For Me!!”, you’ll have most of what you need to get a good deal!

Anyway, here’s the audio file. As Valerie pointed out, I believe you’ll need a Soundcloud account to listen which I think was the problem previously. Sorry if this is inconvenient for you! But I do recommend signing up for Soundcloud because it’s just an awesome website with tons of great music, podcasts, and of course my Word Wednesdays.

Here’s the link straight to my upload if the embedding doesn’t work.

Here are the previous Word Wednesdays to catch up. Happy Korean-ing!

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4 thoughts on “Word Wednesday #8: That’s a Little Bit Expensive

  1. OMG You sound like a real Korean! Well, actually what I imagine what one would sound like… LOL And how did I ever miss these audio clips before? I thought I’ve been following your blog religiously. >·<


    1. Don’t worry they’re a fairly new addition! I think I’ve only had like three or something. I keep meaning to add the others in retrospect. And thank you ^ ^ I think I speak better Korean when I’ve had lots of their alcohol


  2. It sounds so much better from a female vocal chord than from my bassie vocal gender. The clarity of sound is amazing!
    How about a food oriented Word Wednesday. Just a thought.


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