Something to be Grateful For…

I don’t think I’ve yet said how awesome it is not to have finals this time of year.

It’s somewhat frightening to think it’s already been a year since I graduated…but remembering to torment of the last series of essays to be submitted and exams to be studied for and sat through, all the while balancing a part time job and wanting nothing more than to sleep, watch TV shows, play video games, read (for fun!), write (for fun!!), and hang out doing nothing all day with your friends?

Well, I am officially posting this video in honour of these feels and in honour of all those still stuck in/just finishing the agony of finals. Sorry it’s another Frozen post. It had to be done.

That said though…now that I have a job wherein my time away from work is actually time to myself…I do miss the learning. Sure my brain was on a path to near-implosion, but now that it’s had some time to cool off…ugh, well, I guess I’m totally one of those graduates who goes on about how awesome it was to be intellectually stimulated all the time.

That and I miss being around creative writers and lit nerds on a regular basis. No one in Korea to talk to about trends in literary theory or the grand concept behind a particularly strong contemporary narrative or the socio-political philosophy of Middle English texts… *cries*

Suppose I’ll be heading back to do my Master’s sooner rather than late.

2 thoughts on “Something to be Grateful For…

  1. Yeah, I kinda miss it too that way Marta. BUT I sure was glad it was over when it finished so I could regenerate and morph into something I was working my butt off for. just saying


  2. I miss the creative brainstorming sessions I had with fellow students and later at the agency and studios, but Linkedin and facebook has helped me find incredibly inspiring people. I know it’s NOT the same as hanging out in cafés in Montreal schmoozing and discussing, but it helps. There may be groups online…or you could apply the time to doing the things you wished you could be doing instead…which you are! YEAY!!! Eating, exploring, drawing, ukulele (sp?), writing…note to self…MORE of latter….great novel or book of short stories…GO for it!!!!


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