Work Food Thought

Since yesterday’s post was quite heavy, I’m going to post something more brain-chewable than heart-deadening.

After classes are done at work – usually by 12:30pm – I get all my lesson planning and preparation done. Normally this takes about 10 minutes for the lesson planning, and a couple of hours tops for powerpoints, review material, or game prep.

So to make it so my brain doesn’t get all atrophied, I tend to put on some interesting food for thought. Lately I’ve been pinballing between the New Yorker Fiction podcast, TED Talks, and Reddit when the day’s particularly rough.

Although this is the eternal tragedy I face if I choose to go down the mystical path of Reddit….

Recently I came across a great TED Talk though that’s stuck with me all week. I can’t stop thinking about it. Wade Davis, the speaker, talks about “dreams from endangered cultures”, but that’s pretty vague and doesn’t quite cover everything he spans across. Mostly because his discussion soars from language to cultural identity to mythology to completely breaking your life’s view to understand the multiple perspectives of the world we live in – or, as he puts it, “other ways of orienting yourself on the Earth”.

The piece is delivered like poetry and his words weave an intoxicatingly exotic view of travel and the most remote peoples of the planet. While it is certainly a romanticized vision, he drives to the heart of what makes us different and what makes us similar and what makes humans beautiful – all through the subject of language.

“Language,” he says, “is a flash of the human spirit.”

Thus, because this is a talk that touches that part of myself that drives me onward to explore the world and learn new things and poke those things which spur my curiosity, I present to you Wade Davis. It’s 22 minutes, but hey, if you’re on lunch break, or commuting, or doing the dishes, or are just sitting around at a loss for what to do and probably just going to browse the internet for three hours until you decide, give it a listen. Maybe it’ll enliven your life a little too.

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