A Mystical Cafe

Last time I went to Wonju, I was running late. The bus was taking too long, so I jumped off and grabbed a cab from a different location than usual. As such, I took a different path than usual. The result, I saw things I didn’t usually see.

One of these things was – I shit you not – a Jurassic Park cafe.

It was the giant dinosaur outside that caught my attention first, and just as I was thinking, “Huh, a giant dinosaur in Korea,” the Jurassic Park logos started pressing their faces to every window I looked at. Just before we sped past, my eyes clamped onto the sign and sunk in like a velociraptor’s claws: Jurassic Park Cafe.

Now I was next to shitting myself with excitement in the back seat of this taxi, but instead I more appropriately expressed my feelings through all-caps texting to Andrea: “OMGGGGG WTF THERE’S A JURASSIC PARK CAFE IN CHEONGJU AAAHHHHHHH 8D 8D 8D”

To which Andrea responded that we must hunt this down next time she’s visiting.

But as time would have it, the image that had at first been snared in my occipital memory managed to wriggle free and evolve into doubt. Had I really seen it? Maybe I’d just got overwhelmed and it was some kind of weird themed car dealership, or a private Universal Studio enthusiast.

Anyway, it’s not like I had any idea how to get there , having lost my orientation in the many turns the cab took. When I’d asked my co-teacher, she was surprised – and I’d imagine something as quirky as a Jurassic Park cafe wouldn’t be easily hidden from the people of Cheongju-si.

I allowed the hope to go all but extinct from my breast.

Except last night when I was taking the bus back from dropping Andrea off at the terminal, I saw it again.

Alas, I was on the other side of the bus, and I didn’t have my glasses on, but I’d recognize those yellow and red signs anywhere.

The place of my childhood dreams.

The bus stopped briefly right in front of it, and I squinted to see. Sure enough, a tiny English word printed beneath the sign: cafe.

Common sense kicked in around then, and I whipped out my phone to take a picture. But obviously the bus started moving as soon as I’d done so, so this is the only proof I have the place exists.


It’s that streak of yellow and red!!

But at least now I know that the 831 bus will take me to the place I’ve been trying to get all my life since little Marta declared she would become a paleontologist: Jurassic Park.

Updates, I promise, will follow when Andrea and I investigate.

Also I meant to post this weekend, but my charger clean snapped apart, so I won’t have home-computer use until further notice. I’ll be doing all my blogging from school or my phone so it might be sporadic…

But I can’t wait to write about this weekend, it was awesome! Teaser: music festival in Cheongju.

2 thoughts on “A Mystical Cafe

  1. Anticipating the write-up about the weekend…and on the edge of my seat for news of this café! May Little Marta be rewarded with reality in impossible possibilities come true!


  2. I’ve been searching high and low for any more info on this restaurant. Thought I was onto something a few times, but NO! Tried to be clever, then just tried simplification of key words. Still no luck, but thought you might be interested that “jurassic cheongju, south korea” google search yields your blog as the second item listed. I find that quite cool.

    (There’s a Jurassic Park Café and Pet Store in the Doonchondong* neighborhood of Seoul.)

    *There seems to be a lot of spellings of this.


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