Yellow For A Happy Spring

Today, in honour of the golden sunlight now generously streaming from Korean skies, I broke out new threads to drape my bed in equally golden comfort.

My mom had sent a care-mail packet along with Andrea’s sister when she came to visit back in January, and to my surprise its contents (along with the cookies and chocolate I’d requested…om nom nom) was a comforter sheet set. It wasn’t just any comforter sheet set either, but the very bedspread I’d been eyeing before I left.

My sister was moving into her dorm room around the same time I was jetting to Asia, so I’d been looking at all the sets with my mom on the Ikea website to get R for uni. I saw the yellow one with its printed white flower chains and said instantly, “Man I’d be happy every day just waking up in that.”

It was, of course, too heavy to bring over, and therefore illogical to buy. I all but abandoned the hope of it and set off to the drear gray that is winter on the Korean peninsula.

But then, many months later, to my eternal joy, my mom snuck it into my care package where it was personally delivered to me via Sister-Mail.

Her note: “So you can wake up happy every day.” ♥♥


Indeed I will.

And now that it’s spring outside and my old bedspread is getting too warm, I am gleefully going to bask in my own bed of sunshine. (Also excuse the sefie; this warranted it).

So thanks again, Mom ♥ love you heaps.

4 thoughts on “Yellow For A Happy Spring

  1. All it needed was you! So glad you like it…so cool to see you blog about it 😀
    I love you impossible-to-describe-amounts ❤


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