The Ballsiness of the Staffroom Fridge

So as one might imagine, elementary school should be a fairly modest environment. No provacative clothing, no swearing, no inappropriate behaviour or conversation topics.

One might assume this extends to the contents of the fridge, and yet when my co-teacher, HM, and I raided the fridge for snacks during break, we found this.


Do you see it? That gold can? That – note – *opened* gold can?

That’s not just a beer can. That’s a half-empty beer can.

We’d come across it at the beginning of the semester and laughed because why the eff was there a beer can in an elementary school staffroom? One ballsy fridge is all I’m saying.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I’d like to knock back some liquor after some classes I’ve had, but alas. Well, I guess someone’s reached their breaking point at school.

But on the topic of fridges, HM burst breathlessly into the English office this afternoon.

“I have ice cream!!” she said.

You might remember the ice cream given to us last Friday as a pick me up after the ferry accident.
There’d been leftovers in the freezer that HM had had her eye on all week. Now it seemed she’d caved. I grinned conspiratorially.

“I was too scared to bring it in my hands so I…so I….” She pointed at her bag. “Heh heh heh!”

“You hid it?” I asked and laughed heartily and applauded her ballsiness which ranked as high as the refrigerator’s. “You’re amazing.”

We called over my other co-teacher, JH, and we sat around the table eating ice cream happily in the muggy spring air.

Great Friday indeed.

Now I’m off to spend the long weekend with Andrea and the Wonju crowd as we trek down South to Busan/Namhae. So much excitement!

2 thoughts on “The Ballsiness of the Staffroom Fridge

  1. That kind of chutzpah makes for a better taste! May your long weekend be one continuation of the joy of that clandestine icecream in the Spring.


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