A Few Fish

Being in the South by the coast, we encountered many various aquatic incarnations. Looking back through my photos, it seems I took a decent number of snapshots of fish – mostly of the soon-to-be-eaten kind in tanks outside restaurants.


Seashells and clams for fresh lunches and dinners.

As for some of the fish, there were a few with a lot of personality…


Herp derp cuttlefish.



And then there were the straight up random fish lying around the city. This one was outside our Motel in Mason on a jug.


Anyhow I’ve finally made it home. I can assuredly say that after a trip of any length, the satisfaction of collapsing onto your own bed again can be paralelled with little else.

I’ll need over a week’s worth of posts to adequately cover this long weekend’s adventures, but I’ll interlude tomorrow with Word Wednesday #11, pt. 2 of our hangul crashcourse. (Fingers crossed work won’t be busy and I can finish it on time!)

Also sadly I still haven’t replaced my computer charger, so all the beautiful pictures I took will have to come later.

Alright I think that’s enough housekeeping.

Oh yeah! And happy birthday, Buddha ^ ^

2 thoughts on “A Few Fish

  1. as for the fish pix with Personality . . . its looks like an Ood (from DW). talk about wanting to serve you . . .


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